Full multicast, IPTV end to end delivery platform

Full multicast, IPTV end to end delivery platform



Media Anywhere™ from VectorMAX™ allows you to create and manage a comprehensive digital publishing operation from creation through delivery.


Media Anywhere™ -digital publishing simplified- is a complete set of management tools that puts you in control of virtually every aspect of your operation, from metadata, business rules, ingesting and transcoding to DRM, billing, usage, and much more.


Designed in a flexible web-service framework, Media Anywhere™ allows you to deploy any type of digital content in a wide variety of configurations and scenarios. Media Anywhere™ is designed to serve a variety of digital publishing applications:


from VectorMAX™ allows you to hit the ground running.

Create a complete digital publishing operation with no significant development costs.

Complete set of business tools allows you to effectively manage usage, security, DRM, and more.

Offer eliable, affordable multi-cast distribution of live video.


Publish digital media over any network, to any device, at any bitrate, in any format.







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