Full multicast, IPTV end to end delivery platform

Full multicast, IPTV end to end delivery platform







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Architecture-Overview Set-up box E3000-SD Set-up box E6300-HD

Video Encoder


This application is used to encode live broadcasts from an analog or digital source. The video encoder back-hauls encoded video to the distribution server for real-time distribution.


Distribution Servers


The distribution service receives streams from the video encoders to distribute. The distribution can be unicast, multicast or both. The distribution server can be linked together with an authentication and licensing server to limit distribution to clients that have been authenticated.


Authentication and Licensing Server


The authentication and licensing server provides licenses to authenticated clients which allows the clients to access streams they have the rights to use. It authenticates the users against the information stored in the system’s main database and also retrieves information about rights. The authentication and licensing server is also responsible for logging the individual clients usage which is done each time a user starts and stops access to a stream.


Application Server


Provides a web service interface to the database and other back-end functionality.


Dynamic Configuration  Server


This server provides the client with a configuration file that specifies how the client can access the service. The information provided includes URL’s for licensing server and client update server, a list of available channels, and transport mode for the streaming.


Administration Portal


Provides all the basic functionality for administration of customers and users, and is used with different privileges by VMX personnel, carrier personnel and administrators at the customers’ sites.


Reporting Server


Collects user data on programs watched and specific user preferences. Identity of user is fully protected.




The current main database is Oracle running on a Red Hat Linux 5 server.


Middleware Servers


Middleware front-end servers provide application and data to the set-top-box user interface








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