Full multicast, IPTV end to end delivery platform

Full multicast, IPTV end to end delivery platform

TV Anywhere


Accelerating the Future through IP Delivery.


TV Anywhere™ is a complete turnkey software system for the ultimate IP video TV distribution solution.  The completely software based solution is not dependant on any specialized hardware to distribute live or VOD video streams and can work with existing infrastructure. The TV Anywhere™ solution delivers over unicast or multicast-enabled networks, including telco or cable networks, or over the public Internet.


VectorMAX’s TV Anywhere™ solution can deliver high quality video to any TV set top box, a PC (or MAC), cell phone, or PDA from an integrated unified platform.


VectorMAX technology allows any carrier to distribute high quality standard and high definition resolution IP video to the home or business enterprise environment.


Reliable real-time entertainment programming and news are essential daily necessities for the home consumer market.  Similarly, real time business news and information are critical to the operations of today’s corporate enterprises.  Carriers that can offer this rich media content over existing IP networks stand to benefit greatly from growing demand.


Multicasting streams reliably, at low latency and high video quality, while eliminating the need for a cumbersome and costly Content Delivery Network, TV Anywhere™ represents minimum risk and deployment cost combined with maximum performance and reliability.  TV Anywhere™ comes with an easily branded TV, web or wap portal environment for seamless billing and user management services.


Working in tandem with Media Anywhere™ for content management, TV Anywhere™ is a key component for triple and quad delivery service offerings.



Key Service Characteristics

Encodes live analog or digital feeds on real-time bases with little discernable latency.


Encoder, server, player system architecture.

Runs over DOCSIS and Fiber networks.


All components are software based.


Operates in unicast and multicast modes.


No stream buffering.


Low device utilization.


Fully encrypted video stream.


Bandwidth requirements are 400k DOCSIS per video feed / 1Mb on Fiber.


Closed Captioning, Emergency Messaging (EMS).













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